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Cooking in Comfort

Cabinets, flooring, counter tops, and marvelous islands with plenty of space to cook in comfort. This is one of my favorite places in the house because this is where the magic happens and the memories begin. Expand your home in all ways you can imagine. With 30 years of experience I have had the pleasure to build some of the most elegant and spacious kitchens with plenty of counter top space for all your cooking and hosting needs.

Make the most of your space


Over the years one of the most common phrases that I run into is, "How can I make the most of my space". Using that hidden wall space for cabinets and expanding the counter space in a very contemporary look. 


Adding an island with cabinets will meet your family’s needs. Not only will this bring you more cutting space but its multiple purposes can function as the center piece to your newly designed kitchen. Taking your sink to the center will make more space for the chef to take charge at the stove. After all the kitchen is one of the most active places in everyone’s house. 

Brighten your Home


Properly placed lights can be a way to dimmer the mood or lighten the night. Let me help you design and build your kitchen lighting that best fits your desire. A custom light built over the kitchen sink to save back on cost when your finishing the dishes. Bring a touch of ceiling lights to shine up the room.


Here at Hunter Construction we aim for excellence in bringing your family the home that they will always remember. Working with you every step of the way during the schematics to the last wall plate I will get every detail to your custom wishes.  



Stoves, Sinks, Refrigerator, and More...


During the holidays cooking for the entire family or just having a nice meal with your loved ones your needs may change to fit your family. Adding a new stove top with custom granite counters with dual ovens makes holiday meals a breeze. 

              Before..                                          and happily ever after!

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